I am building a body of work. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I am beyond the hurts that came with art. And I am now back to creating without shame, without ego, without caring what anyone would say that means to harm me in anyway. I am and have always been an artist. And I have nothing to be ashamed considering that I know who I am… Regardless of whether or not anyone else does. I create because I love it. I create because I am apart of creation. I create to relieve. I create because I … Continue reading Art

Lizxy (Urban)

  Lixzy sent me a message about and urban-type shoot. She was on social media and saw an idea that she wanted to try. When I saw it, my first thought was, “we can do better than that!” lol. But this is our version of an urban shoot shot downtown on Monument Circle. Continue reading Lizxy (Urban)


  Her mother is one of my best friends from high school. So we have about 12 years of friendship under our belt. I love her and Izora. She asked me again to do more photos for her. She said she will eventually put all of the photos we’ve taken together. And I cannot wait to see the time lapse in photos! Continue reading Izora(birthday)


  This particular day, it decided to rain. So¬†we decided to go along with it. We shot outdoors in the middle of one of the numerous Spring storms that rolled through Indianapolis last month. We eventually moved our shoot inside. Here is what we shot! Continue reading Shaunna


I have literally watched them grow up in photos. These young ladies are intelligent, athletic, creative as well as beautiful. I forgot to mention how hilarious they are when they are together. Double the trouble. I want to thank them for always making me smile! Continue reading Aniya|Sacred